Sunday, 1 January 2012

Sunday Love Songs with Ollie Dunckley

I love Radio 2 on a Sunday. Shows such as Desert Island Discs with Kirsty Young and then Sounds of the Seventees with Johnny Walker are always a fantastic culmination of intriguing and enjoyable listening.

However, one Sunday broadcast I particularly enjoy is Steve Wright's Sunday Love Songs.

Music in all forms is enjoyable. Whether a song relates to work, fun or even love, it has the power to evoke a selection of emotions and feelings.

I love music. As I mentioned earlier this week, my taste is somewhat unorthodox. Yet, I would love to share with you a selection of my favourite love songs.

Now, where to start? Perhaps the beginnings of a love story is the right place.

Ray Charles' rendition of  'You Don't Know Me' is about as authentic as love songs come. The strain and longing in Ray's vocals paint an organic and believable picture of a person longing for an individual who is unaware of them. I first heard this song in one of my favourite films; Groundhog Day. You Don't Know Me is a beautiful portrayal of love and how some believe it occurs at first sight, take it away Ray..

I am a confessed fan of Rod Stewart. Yes, yes I know - his music is to many outdated and ancient, however, to me the distinctive sound of Rod's voice is timeless. Rod Stewart's Maggie May is a song I absolutely adore. It portrays love as positive, yet imperfect. This realistic depiction allows many to empathise with the sentiment of Maggie May.

Now, I think heartbreak touches most of us at some period in our lifetimes. The music industry has made an absolute fortune off the broken hearts and tears of people with broken hearts. Musicians such as Roy Orbison, Adelle and Paul Simon have made a career on empathising with the fractured emotions of people facing love loss.
Yet, I believe Supertramp's 'It's Raining Again' is perhaps the greatest representation of how people should face the upset of departing from the ones we love. The straining voice of  the saxophone and the poeticism of the line "It's only time that heals the pain and makes the sun come out again" emphasize the song's positive message of comfort and concilliation. Love it!

Thumbs Up - Simple Sentiment
I must admit, I am definitely a soppy kind of person. I love music, especially when I am able to relate to it and understand its sentiment. The truth is, many love songs talk of forever longing and never letting go of the one you love. However, if you truly love someone, you let them go.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and thanks so much for reading :)

Ollie x

I would also like to dedicate this post to my friends Alyson Rees and Mark Cole who just engaged! Llongyfarchiadau Guys!

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