Thursday, 5 January 2012

Free the Chickens: Battery Farming Comes to an End

Finally battery egg-farming has come to an end. Whether you are a meat-eater, vegetarian or vegan I think we can all see this as good news. I have been a vegetarian for 7 months now. 

Beforehand, I was quite renowned for my impressive meat consumption. However, half a year later and 1.5 stone lighter I'm glad a friend encouraged me to make this decision. 
Now, do not worry! I am not planning to preach to you about why you should be veggie or how it's cruel to eat meat, because frankly, I do not think I will change your mind. Yet, I think we can all rejoice in the fact this primitive and cruel farming practice has come to an end.

As someone who eats a lot of eggs, I'm glad to know when I buy a sandwich from a shop or a pudding from a restaurant the chances are it contain Free-Range eggs.

Although, I am still concerned. Although this practice applies to egg farming, I still fear that mistreatment and malicious farming practice may continue in meat production. 
Furthermore, will businesses such a Nandos and KFC choose to cook with meat that has been imported from one of the 13 EU nations that is yet to institute the animal welfare legislation our government has just ratified.
So glad I was graced with good artistic skills

I totally understand the financial implications this will have on farmers of caged-hens. Some farmers have claimed the change has cost them in excess of £2million. However, it is a simple truth that their farming practices are not just simply cruel and inhumane, but they are outdated. Yet, at the same time I hope the Coalition continues to support these farmers with the transformation to Free-Range farming.

So Hurrah! Long may British concerns for animal welfare continue and I truly hope to see greater standards of care in the future.


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