Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Three Things I'd Like to Share...

My friends and family have always teased me about my music taste. Comparisons to the musical inclinations of the elderly generation have been noted.
Stealing Dad's CDs!

However, I think I have at least a few songs in my repertoire that would be appreciated by today's audiences. Music is very powerful. It has a profound significance in my life.

The music I grew up with has had a very significant impact on my musical taste. My parents brought me up listening to artists such as Simon & Garfunkel, Pink Floyd and The Eagles.
However, perhaps my Dad's most played artist of all is Billy Joel. Piano Man and New York State of Mind were consistently played on my Dad's car radio.

Yet, the song which I believe to be Joel's best I only discovered recently.
'Tomorrow is Today' is a song inspired by Billy Joel's own suicide note - depressing I know!
However, the song has a somewhat inspiring and uplifting quality to it. Go on! Have a listen...

The second song I'd like to share with you is an absolute corker! It is my Grandmother's favourite song. Yet, this song is a challenging one for me. Percy Sledge's 'When a Man Loves a Woman' has a very controversial sentiment. It revolves around a man prepared to do anything and everything for love - to the extent that he subjugates himself. Personally, this is not what love is about. Love is mutual, as well as unconditional. Love means acknowledging ones faults in correlation with your partner's most lovable qualities. After all, when a relationship ends (as many do) you find yourself missing your loved ones faults as well as their positive attributes.
However, this song should be taken at face value - When a Man Loves a Woman is not about what someone should do for love, but it is about why they feel this way.

Take it away Percy!

Finally, the last song I would like to share with you is a bit of a fun one actually. I found myself listening to this for the first time in years as I drove from Milton Keynes, home to Cambridge. I mentioned Simon & Garfunkel earlier, and although at times they can be slightly over-melancholy, 'Baby Driver' is a fun and humorous tune.

Thank you for reading and I hope enjoyed my choices :)


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