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The Rugby World Cup: A Gallery Part 4) 1999

First of all, I would like to apologise for not posting a blog in a while. Thankfully I now have a computer up and running!

The Rugby Would Cup has now started and what a phenomenal show it has been so far - Fingers crossed for England! Although, I wouldn't bet my mortgage! For an interesting read on the opening ceremony of the RWC see here for Mark Cole's analysis Very well put Mark!

The 1999 Rugby World Cup was principally held in Wales. However, England, France, Ireland and Scotland all held matches. If you want to see a true corker of a RWC opening ceremony, look no further. Here is Max Boyce opening the 1999 RWC in true Welsh style, with song.

Diolch yn fawr iawn Max.

The opening match was between Wales and Argentina. Fortunately, Wales achieved a decisive victory of 23-18 over the Pumas.

The Final
Almost 73,000 people attended the 1999 RWC final between Australia and France. Both teams had difficulty playing in the wet Cardiff conditions. France were the first to put points on the board. An Australian penalty meant that no. 10 Lamaison gave the French an early lead of three points. As usual, kicking was a big part of the game. Many points were scored by both teams choosing to go for the posts.

Penalties continued to rack up the points for both sides. The score after 40 minutes was enough to make a French-man sob, 12 - 6 to the 'Boys from da'an unda!'

The match was try-less until the 65th minute when the Aussies started to truly take the lead. Australia's Ben Tune crashed over the line to once again further the Aussie's lead. A final try by Australian substitute Owen Finegan finished the Europeans off and the Aussies accepted the Webb-Ellis Trophy for the second time.

For some of the best trys of the tournament, see below.

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Look out for the next post in this series - lets just say the boys in white made me very proud in the year of 2003 :)

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