Friday, 5 August 2011

The Rugby World Cup: A Gallery - Part 1) 1987

It's possibly the Greatest Sporting Event in the World, The Rugby World cup is certainly Rugby at it's best. The history between the great nations that come together in this grand tournament truly depicts what an emotive and passionate event the RWC is. With England V Wales at Twickenham tomorrow, I can't help but feel the tournament is fast-approaching. The truth is, I can't wait!

So, I thought those of you who enjoy sport and culture might appreciate a gallery of images in tribute to the Rugby World Cup Tournament.
Many find it hard to believe that the RWC only began in 1987. However, this is true. As sporting tournaments go, the RWC is merely a young 'un against OAPs such as the FIFA Football and Rugby League WCs.
There was great debate within the IRFB whether there should be a Rugby Union WC. However, it was decided that in 1985 that an International Rugby competition would be put in place. In 1987 the inaugural tournament was held in New Zealand and Australia and thus the most stunning international tournament was established.

The first ever world cup came down to a grand final between France and New Zealand. A very decisive victory for the All Blacks of 29-9 bestowed them as the inaugural holders of the Rugby World Cup. Forever since, the All Blacks have remained a formidable opponent in this tournament and arguably the most intimidating team to face in the final.

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