Monday, 25 July 2011

To Vegetarian, or not to Vegetarian..?

After four months of a meat-free lifestyle, this evening I decided after much deliberation to eat meat. Chicken in fact. I was somewhat nervous, as I had not tasted meat for a good while.

I must say that I was unable to finish my meal. The point is, I was overwhelmingly disappointed with myself. I became vegetarian to prove I could do it. However, over the past few months I have gained so much pride and experience from my newfound diet. For the past two years I have slowly come to realise that animals and humans are equal. Whether, you believe in a form of Divine creation or evolution, human beings and animals deserve the same rights and liberties. Just because the human race is the most powerful and influential species on earth, (in my eyes) does not mean we have the rights and ownership of other species - I know many of you will disagree and I can rightly understand this, but for the near future I have decided to live my life in a way that affects the existence of other species as little as possible. For this reason, and this reason alone I have decided to re-continue my diet of vegetarianism.



  1. I can understand your views and everything. But, surely it is really hard to live your life that way? If you want to have minimum impact on the lives of animals then you can no longer wear leather shoes, eat haribo or wear a woolly jumper. That must be quite a struggle!?

    Follow back?

  2. It is :) well said! But im doing my best to ensure i have as little influence on animals lives as possible

    Thanks for reading! Of Course :D