Thursday, 28 April 2011

My Five Greatest Men and Women - Part Five

It's taken me a while to complete the final addition to this Blog Post. A lot of time was spent making my mind up about who the last member of this exclusive would be. Now, so far all the people I've blogged about are men. This must make you wonder why the blog is entitled "My Five Greatest Men and Women".

Without a doubt, the country is experiencing a whirlwind of royal celebration and extravagance. 
Allow me to stipulate that this has not influenced my final choice in any way. However, my timing is convenient.

Nonetheless, in my opinion Queen Elizabeth II has been one of the greatest women in British history.

A young Elizabeth inherited a job many have disputed she ever wanted and performed it's duties with great compassion and devotion. It's not only Elizabeth's achievements as diplomat and a representative I find admirable, it's her sheer commitment to the job.

Now, one must acknowledge the amazing life she has led. The Queen has met and conversed with some of the worlds greatest and most influential people. The life her Majesty has led has been one of great adventure and excitement.

However, much of her life has been very tragic. The loss of her father, her mother and her sister (in the same year) along with the death of her daughter-in-law must have made her question the importance of the role she maintains.

However, I find her strength and humor truly endearing. Yet, she has maintained a sense of dignity and valor for her nation, and she has always been there when the nation needed her most. 

 As she reached the milestone age of 85 last week, I would just like to say a personal thank you to our Queen, well done ma'am.