Tuesday, 4 January 2011

My Five Greatest Men and Women - Part 1.

There have been many human beings who have stood out from the norm. Men and women who have showed mankind that they are leaders and revolutionaries. Throughout human history, the majority of man has been the average being trying to live a life of peace, happiness and respect. However, this has not been a fundamental attribute to man's existence. The pursuit of happiness has been ensured by great leaders of people, grand dignitaries who have protected the fundamental rights and privileges of the often vulnerable citizens of planet earth.

In the twentieth century the world was scarred and battered by many wars and conflicts that tore the fabric of international peace and plunged many people into an age of fear and oppression. Those who stood tall were knocked from their place as a plague of violence and conflict spread across Europe. However, one man held a nation together. The Prime Minister of Britain, Winston Spencer Churchill a leader of people, a man of untenable strength, a powerful man. Regardless of party affiliations, Churchill is undeniably one of Britain's greatest war time leaders. The Prime Minister provided the British people with a sense of patriotism and pride that would guide them through an evil and inhumane conflict. Prime Minister Churchill challenged the forces that doubted his fearlessness in the face of a brutal adversaries.

However, Churchill was not a flawless man. His Black Dog (as the Prime Minister liked to call it) that clung to his shoulder represented the dark and depressed side of a man of great intelligence and wit. Perhaps, the end of the Churchill's confidence and strength came with his electoral loss in 1945. The former Prime Minister was considered the greatest tool of war for Britain at a time of conflict, but an unnecessary harbinger of brutality and hostility at a time of peace.

Nonetheless, Churchill is remembered as a grand icon of peace and freedom. Nothing can take away the great pride the British people feel when they hear the irreplaceable orator's speeches. His voice rose from the shattered and collapsed buildings on the streets of London and inspired a nation to pursue peace and follow the road to reconciliation and mutual understanding.

Winston Churchill will remain forever Britain.


  1. Read Roy Jenkins' excellent biography of the main man - an absorbing read.